Written Comm I Intensive

In order to prepare students for the kinds of writing typically required in college-level courses and in civic discourse, RHET 110 teaches the composition of thesis-driven argumentative essays that respond to important social and academic issues. In addition to four units of classroom instruction, students learn and practice the writing process, from idea to final essay (e.g., pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing) in a 2-hour computer writing lab each week. Using elements of rhetorical theory, students gain practice in composing brief to medium-length arguments that are focused, clearly organized, well supported and based on accurate critical reading of materials assigned by the instructor. Students develop skills in summary, paraphrase, and quotation; incorporating multiple sources in the service of a unified argument; and in addressing multiple points of view. Students are introduced to library research as a tool of academic inquiry and gain practice revising for whole-text coherence, as well as for clarity and correct usage. The minimum passing grade for this course is C-.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: SAT Read HI + SAT Write HI with a minimum score of 900 or ACT Engl HI + ACT Read HI with a minimum score of 36 or S16 EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT with a minimum score of 500 or RHET 106 or RHET 106N or TOEFL Total Score Internet with a minimum score of 94 or IELTS Overall Score with a minimum score of 7.0;