RHET 106

Introduction to Composition

This course focuses on preparing students for academic writing at the college level. The course emphasizes the connection between reading and writing. Students learn and practice the writing process, from idea to final essay (e.g., pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing), finding and evaluating sources, summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, citing, and documenting conventions. Individualized attention is given to grammar, vocabulary development, and rhetorical style. The minimum passing grade for this course is C-.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: (SAT Read HI + SAT Write HI with a minimum score of 650 or ACT Engl HI + ACT Read HI with a minimum score of 30 or S16 EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT with a minimum score of 370 or TOEFL Total Score Internet with a minimum score of 86 or IELTS Overall Score with a minimum score of 7.0);