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The Center for Global Education at the University of San Francisco provides students the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters as well as for shorter periods during the January Intersession or Summer terms. The programs have been specially selected to further the Mission of the University by providing a global perspective to our students, who as leaders will be able to fashion a more humane and just world.

The programs offered by the Center for Global Education at USF allow you to gain a critical sensitivity to the difficult issues facing an increasingly interrelated world. All programs offer a high quality education, in exciting cities, and at a cost that is similar to that of studying in San Francisco.

USF Sponsored Programs

USF sponsored programs parallel the mission and goals of USF. They include programs at other leading overseas universities with which USF has partnered.

Students pay USF tuition rate to USF, irrespective of specific international program costs. As a result, full course and credit transfer apply to a student's USF transcript. USF financial aid, USF grants, scholarships, as well as federal and state aid (except Federal Work Study) apply, as any regular semester at USF.

USF has partnerships with over 70 different institutions in 40 different countries. Please visit our office for program brochures, eligibility requirements, applications, course descriptions, and other program-specific information. You are required to schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor upon obtaining general program information.  

Programs are listed under the region in which they are located. Please check with the Center for Global Education for an up-to-date list (


Africa / Middle East

Burkina Faso - Santa Clara University Reading West Africa Program (Fall Semester Only) (Temporarily Suspended)
Egypt (Cairo) - America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (Amideast)(Temporarily Suspended)
Ghana (Accra) - School for International Training (SIT)
Jordan (Amman) - America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (Amideast)
Morocco (Rabat) - America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (Amideast)
Senegal (Dakar) - School for International Training (SIT)
South Africa (Cape Town)- Arcadia University (University of Cape Town)
South Africa (Cape Town) - Marquette University (University of the Western Cape)
South Africa (Pretoria)- Fordham University- Ubuntu Program
Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) - Fairfield University (University of Dar es Salaam) (Temporarily Suspended)


China (Beijing) – Loyola University Chicago The Beijing Center
China (Hong Kong) – Hong Kong Baptist University
China (Shanghai) - Boston University Shanghai INTERNSHIP
India (Jaipur) - School for International Training (SIT)
India (New Delhi) - School for International Training (SIT)
Japan (Kyoto) – Ritsumeikan University
Japan (Tokyo) – Sophia University
Korea (Changwon) - Changwon National University
Korea (Seoul) – Sogang University
Philippines (Manila) – Ateneo de Manila University
Philippines (Manila) - Casa Bayanihan
Taiwan (Taipei) - Fu Jen Catholic University
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) - Loyola University Chicago

Australia / New Zealand 

Australia (Brisbane) - Australian Catholic University
Australia (Fremantle) – University of Notre Dame
Australia (Melbourne) - Australian Catholic University
Australia (Sydney) - University of Notre Dame
Australia (Sydney) – Boston University Sydney INTERNSHIP
Australia (North Sydney) - Australian Catholic University
Australia (Queensland) - School For Field Studies (SFS)
New Zealand (Auckland) - Boston University Auckland INTERNSHIP
New Zealand (Wellington)- Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)
New Zealand (Wellington) – Victoria University of Wellington

Latin America

Argentina (Buenos Aires) - Pontificia Universidad Católica
Argentina (Buenos Aires)- School for International Training (SIT)
Argentina (Córdoba)- Loyola Marymount University (Casa De La Mateada)
Argentina (Córdoba) - Universidad Católica de Córdoba
Brazil (Porto Alegre) - Pontíficia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) – Pontíficia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
Chile (Santiago) – Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Chile (Valparaiso)- School for International Training (SIT)
Colombia (Bogotá) - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Colombia (Cali) - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Costa Rica (Atenas) - School for Field Studies (SFS)
Ecuador (Quito) – Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) INTERNSHIP
Ecuador (Quito) - Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Ecuador
El Salvador (San Salvador) – Santa Clara University Casa de la Solidaridad (CASA)
Mexico (Guadalajara) – Universidad ITESO (Temporarily Suspended)
Mexico (León) -Universidad Iberoamericana León
Mexico (Mexico City) – Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City (Temporarily Suspended)
Mexico (Puebla) – Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
Nicaragua (Managua)- School for International Training (SIT)
Nicaragua (Managua) – Universidad Centroamericana
Panama (Bocas Del Toro) - School for Field Studies (SFS)
Peru (Lima)- Universidad del Pacifico
Turks and Caicos (South Caicos) - School for Field Studies (SFS)
Uruguay (Montevideo) – Universidad Católica del Uruguay


Balkans: Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo - School for International Training (SIT)
Denmark (Copenhagen) - Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)
England (London) – St. Mary’s College
England (London) – University of the Arts London
England (London) – Boston University London INTERNSHIP
England (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) – Loyola University Maryland Loyola Center at Newcastle
France (Lille) – Université Catholique de Lille
France (Paris) – Boston University Paris INTERNSHIP
France (Paris) - Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises
France (Paris) - American University in Paris
France (Paris) - IESEG School of Management
France (Paris and others) - Sciences Po
Germany (Berlin) – Freie Universitat Berlin European Studies Program
Greece (Athens) - American College of Greece (DEREE)
Ireland (Dublin) – University College Dublin
Ireland (Dublin) – Boston University Dublin INTERNSHIP
Ireland (Limerick) - Mary Immaculate College
Ireland (Northern Ireland) – HECUA INTERNSHIP
Italy (Bologna) - Spring Hill College Italy Center
Italy (Florence) - Fairfield University (Florence University of the Arts)
Italy (Milan) – Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Italy (Rome) – Loyola University Chicago The Rome Center
Netherlands (Maastricht) - Maastricht University, Center for European Studies
Scotland (St. Andrews) – University of St. Andrews
Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) – HECUA INTERNSHIP
Spain (Barcelona) - Arcadia University
Spain (Barcelona) – Universitat Ramon Llull Institut Químic de Sarriá
Spain (Barcelona) – Universitat Ramon Llull- Tourismo Sant Ignasi (TSI)
Spain (Bilbao) – Universidad de Deusto Centro Internacionales Deusto de Español
Spain (Madrid) - St. Louis University
Spain (Madrid) - Boston University Madrid INTERNSHIP
Spain (Madrid) - Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Spain (Seville and Cordoba) - Universidad Loyola Andalucía
Switzerland (Geneva) - School for International Training (SIT)
Turkey (Istanbul)-Koç University

External Programs

Additionally, the Center for Global Education can help students identify external study abroad programs that are not sponsored by USF but where students can gain some of the benefits that study abroad provides. Students participating in external programs cannot transfer grades to USF. Pre-approved credit hours will transfer back to USF to count towards degree requirements, but courses will not be listed on the USF transcript. For external programs, tuition, housing costs, and fees are paid directly to the host providers. Students are required to complete a Leave of Absence form, which must be filed through the Center for Global Education. USF will not sign a consortium agreement and will not award Federal, State, or USF financial aid for the period while a student is on leave, but alternative study abroad funding may be available. For financial aid questions regarding external programs, please meet with a USF Financial Aid counselor. 

Students who seek a successful study abroad experience should begin planning at least a year in advance of departure and should consult with a Study Abroad Counselor in the Center for Global Education as well as with a faculty advisor.

The University of San Francisco is continuously assessing study abroad programs offered by various institutions. Please contact the Center for Global Education for details about new study abroad opportunities, procedures, and any other information on study abroad.

Sharon Li, Director