Web Science

  The challenge in the Internet field today is to harness the immense computing power of computers, networks and storage devices so that people can discover and share information as never before. In the early age of the Internet, graphic designers created the static content and images. Now the field requires professionals who are conversant in dynamic web pages, software agents, information retrieval and web services.The Master of Science in Web Science provides students with a rigorous background in software development with a particular focus on software for today's Internet industry. With the University of San Francisco's prime location in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area and its proximity to Silicon Valley, USF graduate students enjoy an environment rich with the many innovations and opportunities of this world-renowned region of technology. 

Foundational Requirements 

The foundation requirements are not required for admission to the graduate program, but must be completed while at USF to achieve regular status as a graduate student. The foundation requirements can be waived if met by previous studies or work experience equivalent to the requirements: 

·  Introductory programming (two courses) 

·  Upper-division programming (one course) 

·  Discrete math (one course) 

·  Data structures (one course) 

Degree Requirements 

Regular Graduate Students must pass 28 credits (7 courses). The courses must be chosen as follows: 

·  CS 680 Web Systems and Algorithms 

·  Networking, one of: 

  • CS 621 Network Programming (4) 
  • CS 684 Human-Computer Interaction (4) 

·  CS 682 Distributed Software Development 

·  CS 662 Artificial Intelligence Programming 

·  Two semesters of Master's Project (CS 690) or Software Development Workshop (CS 691 and CS 692) 

·  One elective course from: 

  • Programming Languages 
  • Algorithms 
  • Directed Reading and Research 


Regular 2-year MS Web Science Degree 

The typical student takes two years to complete the MSWS degree, but it is possible to complete in one year for talented and well-prepared students (see accelerated program below). 

  • CS 662 Artificial Intelligence Programming (4) Year 1 Fall 
  • CS 680 Web Systems and Algorithms (4) Year 1 Fall 
  • CS 682 Distributed Software Development (4) Year 1 Spring 
  • CS 621 Network Programming (4) Year 1 Spring 
  • CS 690 Master's Project (4) Year 2 Fall 
  • Elective, Year 2 Fall 
  • CS 690 Master's Project (4) Year 2 Spring 


Accelerated One-Year MS Web Science Degree 

The accelerated MSWS degree can be completed in an intensive 12 months. Applicants must have very strong software development backgrounds to be accepted into the accelerated program. Students take the usual two 4-credit course load the Fall semester and then 3 4-credit courses in the Spring semester. After successfully completing these courses, a student spends the summer taking two software development workshops. These workshops are extremely demanding and require the students to build very significant pieces of software, either in collaboration with a silicon valley company or as part of a faculty member's research. A new accelerated MSWS cohort is accepted each Fall. 

Learning Goals/Outcomes for the Master of Science in Web Science 

Students who complete the Masters of Science in Web Science will be able to demonstrate: 

·  An understanding of advanced topics in Internet-based computing including software engineering, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, networking, interface design, and Internet systems; 

·  The ability to design, implement, and debug large-scale, Internet-based software applications; 

·  The ability to evaluate and understand advanced research from the Internet computing literature; 

·  Effective communication and team participation skills with respect to software development.