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Minor in Journalism

The Journalism Minor is available to any student interested in engaging with the world through reporting and writing.  We welcome students from diverse disciplines. Written journalism is the foundation of the minor, although students can learn to report for a variety of formats, including multimedia. Students are expected to leave campus and learn the city in their reporting assignments.  Students are encouraged to produce stories for audiences and clips for internships and entry-level work. Courses include arts reviewing, feature writing and reporting for audio and video. The minor emphasizes the role of the journalist in a community committed to social justice.

  The Minor in Journalism requires 20 credits.

Core Sequence (12 credits)

  • MS - 223 Journalism 1: Reporting
  • MS - 224 Journalism II: Advanced Reporting
  • MS - 420 American Journalism Ethics

Electives (8 credits)

  • MS - 311 Communication Law and Policy
  • MS - 323 Journalism III: Publication Editing and Design
  • MS - 325 Journalism III: Feature Writing
  • MS - 328 Journalism III: Photojournalism
  •  MS - 329 Arts Reporting and Reviewing
  • MS - 400 Politics and the Media