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Undergraduate Mathematics

The powerful methods of mathematics are used in virtually every field of study from the natural to the social sciences, from business to philosophy. The Mathematics major provides excellent preparation for graduate school and for careers in such fields as aerospace, computing, education, environmental analysis, and statistics.

Program Objectives

As one of the oldest departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Mathematics Department strives to further the primary mission of the University of San Francisco as embodied in the University Statement of Mission and Goals. Thus it seeks to educate its students within the framework of the Jesuit tradition.

In addition to these general goals, the specific aims of the major in Mathematics are:

  • to provide students with a mature understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts and techniques;
  • to teach students how to engage in rigorous logical reasoning and to refine their analytical skills;
  • to teach students how to solve real-world problems by formulating, analyzing, solving and refining appropriate mathematical models;
  • to train students for life-long learning by teaching them how to read mathematical and other technical material with critical comprehension;
  • to provide students with a sound working knowledge of computer systems and software in a mathematical, problem-solving context;
  • to enhance communication skills by teaching students how to write and speak about technical subjects to both specialized and general audiences;
  • to prepare students for a variety of careers in which mathematics plays an important part;
  • to prepare students for graduate study in mathematics;
  • to provide co-curricular experiences that further these general and specific goals.