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Major in Japanese Studies

The Major in Japanese Studies provides a solid grounding in Japanese language, culture, literature, and linguistics, with 32-36 credits of core courses covering each of these areas and 4-8 credits of elective courses in Japanese history, religion, philosophy, economics, politics, art, and business. The Major curriculum incorporates advanced Japanese instructional software developed at USF that is capable of analyzing and correcting student-composed sentences. Students have the option to pursue immersion study in Tokyo through our ongoing exchange program with Sophia University. The program affords opportunities for research and professional internships that are unique to the Bay Area.

Requirements for the Major

Core Courses

The program requires completion of forty (40) credits in Japanese. The three semesters of lower-division Japanese language courses (Japanese 101, 102, and 201) serve as a prerequisite but do not count toward the credits necessary for the major

Required Courses (24 credits)

Students take the following four Japanese language courses and one Japanese linguistics course:

  • JAPN - 202 Fourth Semester Japanese
  • JAPN - 301 Intermediate Japanese 1
  • JAPN - 302 Intermediate Japanese 2
  • JAPN - 401 Advanced Japanese 1
  • JAPN - 402 Advanced Japanese 2
  • JAPN - 410 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
Choose five from the following (16 credits):
  • JAPN - 195 Reading Osaka from San Francisco
  • JAPN - 310 Zen and the Art of Japanese Calligraphy
  • JAPN - 350 Japanese Culture
  • JAPN - 351 Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • JAPN - 355 Japanese Literature in Translation
  • JAPN - 357 Naturalism in Japanese Literature
  • JAPN - 360 Japanese Calligraphy and Ink Painting
Up to two courses among the following can be counted toward the 20 credits of electives:
  • HIST - 383 Modern Japan Since Perry
  • HIST - 387 History of U.S.-Japan Relations
  • HIST - 390 Special Undergraduate Studies in History: Traditional Japan to 1868
  • THRS - 368 Japanese Religion and Society
  • THRS - 370 Zen Buddhism
  • THRS - 379 Buddhist Paths
  • BUS - 397 Japanese Study Tour

Learning Goals/Outcomes for the B.A. in Japanese Studies 

  • Students will acquire Japanese language proficiency at the intermediate to advanced level, according to the ACTFL national standard
  • Students will learn the Japanese language through the lens of the rich variety of cultural landscapes in historical and contemporary Japan and will develop substantial cultural knowledge about Japan
  • Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the historical development and contemporary state of the Japanese language, literature, and selected aspects of culture. They will also acquire the competency to employ the analytical and conceptual tools relevant to their study