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Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Administrative Office
Kalmanovitz, Room 248
Phone: (415) 422-5983 or 422-5706
Kevin Chun, Director

The Ethnic Studies Minor at the University of San Francisco provides a comparative and multidisciplinary approach to the study of the human experiences, cultures, scholarship, and intellectual and artistic contributions of racial and ethnic populations in the United States. Particular attention is paid to American Indians, African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas, and Asian Americans.

The Minor seeks to acquaint students with the commonalities and tensions that accompany diverse expressions of racial and ethnic life in the United States, while concomitantly recognizing that the voices and experiences of each community have a uniqueness and an integrity of their own.

The Minor is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences to all students in the University allowing them to combine study in a major field with a focused study of these racial and ethnic groups. Ethnoracial concerns, however, are not unique to the United States. Therefore, elective courses include those which focus on issues of race and ethnicity in an international context or which supply valuable international context for understanding the experiences of ethnic minorities in the United States. An internship is not required, but highly recommended and may be taken as one of the electives.

The Ethnic Studies Minor requires completion of five 4-credit courses (20 credits). Please see the program office for an updated list of Core and Elective courses.