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Undergraduate Environmental Science

The undergraduate major in Environmental Science is an integrated interdisciplinary curriculum of basic science, designed to give students a broad perspective on the environment. Courses in the major concentrate on understanding the current environmental issues facing human society through a diversity of lecture, laboratory and field experiences.

A degree with a major in Environmental Science from the University of San Francisco supports career options in a variety of areas including: technical and management aspects of air and water quality, hazardous waste management, environmental health, and energy, land use management and conservation of natural resources. This curriculum also provides the basic course work necessary for admission to graduate school programs. Electives may be used to enhance preparation for specific graduate programs.

Program Overview

  • A common core of science course work is introduced during the freshman and sophomore years regardless of specific career goals. The common core of courses complement each other and enhance a student's understanding of environmental science.
  • The latest scientific concepts, techniques, and equipment are introduced in the courses.
  • A diversity of lecture, laboratory, and field courses reflect the breadth and depth of environmental science.
  • Research opportunities are provided to students as a program elective.
  • Students seeking specific career information are given appropriate counseling and referrals.
  • The application of science and technology to the environment has ethical components which are conveyed to students by faculty.
  • A sensitivity to our fragile environment is developed that fosters a commitment from students to be custodians for future generations.