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General Economics Degree

Twenty (20) additional credits in Economics courses
  • No more than 8 additional credits at the 200-level, and
  • No fewer than 8 credits at the 400-level.
  • ECON - 111 and ECON - 112 are normally taken in the freshman year and are prerequisites for ECON - 311 and ECON - 312 . Economics 101 and 102 can also be taken to fulfill these requirements with additional class credit from other major courses.
  • ECON - 311 and ECON - 312 are prerequisites for many upper division courses in Economics and should be taken as soon as possible.
  • Students are advised to combine a Foundation Program with one of the four Areas of Emphasis as the best way to meet the upper-division course requirements.

Learning Goals/Outcomes for the B.A. in Economics

Students who complete the B.A. in Economics will be able to:

    • Understand economic terminology and the fundamental theoretical approaches of the discipline.
    • Employ economic reasoning and theory to analyze the structure of economic events and problems.
    • Employ economic reasoning and theory to analyze important government policy responses and their impacts on the economy.