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Biotechnology Courses

BTEC  600 - Grad Sem: Molecular Biology (1)

Restricted to Graduate level

BTEC  601 - Biotech Internship Seminar (1)

Preparation for the internship in biotechnology (BTEC 697). Focus will be on how to manage the internship search and how to secure an internship position. Resume writing skills and interview skills will also be covered. Offered fall semester.
Restricted to Graduate level

BTEC  620 - Molecular Biology (4)

Advanced study of the molecular basis of cell function, with an emphasis on the unifying principles and approaches that define the field of molecular biology.
Restricted to Graduate level

BTEC  685 - Mol Gen and Biotechnology (2)

Restricted to Graduate level

BTEC  686 - Mol Gen and Biotechnology Lab (2)

Restricted to Graduate level

BTEC  688 - Adv. Research Meth in Biotech (4)

Prerequisite: BTEC 685/686. Advanced biotechnology laboratory-intensive course that uses a project-based approach to learning and incorporates an independent research component. Designed to prepare students for careers in research and biotechnology. Two laboratory sessions each week. Offered every Fall.

BTEC  697 - Internship in Biotechnology (4)

Professional experience through an internship in the biotechnology industry. Positions in professional biotechnology laboratories or academic research laboratories are obtained by the student. Internships are directed and evaluated by a faculty member with supervision of an on-site professional. A minimum of 320 hours for the semester must be completed by the student at the approved biotechnology-related venue. Students must complete an analysis paper, and oral summary presentation. Offered every semester.

BTEC  698 - Directed Study (1 - 4)