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Asian Studies

The major in Asian Studies prepares students to meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century in the Pacific Rim region. In an era when new forms of global encounter create complex links between places, regions, and peoples, it is vital to understand the interactivity and interdependence between Asia, the Bay Area, and the University.

The Asian Studies degree program, administered by the USF Center for the Pacific Rim, is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences to all students. The degree advances understanding of the increasingly powerful countries of Asia by focusing not only on the structures of society--its histories, laws, economies, and governments--but also on the religious, philosophical, artistic, and intellectual foundations for these structures. The program also emphasizes the relationship between natural and man-made environments, as well as the University's commitment to social justice, ethics, and human rights.

The major's interdisciplinary emphasis provides a broad overview of Asia as well as an in-depth investigation in themes and topics that extend across a range of Asian societies. Aided by language study, the primary emphasis of the Asian Studies major is on a combination of courses that comprise an in-depth, integrated, and interdisciplinary program. Students may select from courses in Asian Languages and Cultures, Comparative Literature, Economics, Environmental Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies, and courses offered in the School of Business and Management

Graduates with a degree in Asian Studies will be in demand in such fields as international business, education, media and communications, government services, law, nongovernmental organizations, international development organizations, and international consulting.