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Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

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Uldis Kruze, Director

The Minor in Asian Studies provides interdisciplinary study of the cultures, development, and relations among the societies of the Asia Pacific region. The program is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences to all students in the University, enabling them to combine study of a major field with a focused study of Asian history, culture, and contemporary affairs.

Students who complete the Minor in Asian Studies, along with a Major of their choice, will be well-positioned for graduate study, work abroad with private sector or non-governmental organizations, or employment with American firms doing business in the Asia Pacific region. In order to enhance the career value of the Minor, students are strongly encouraged to also pursue the study of one of the Asian languages offered by the College. The Minor can be completed in two years; however, it will not be awarded until the student has completed the Bachelor's degree program.

Undergraduates enrolled in the BA/BS-Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies (BA-MAPS) program may substitute the appropriate MAPS graduate seminar courses for Asia Pacific Studies Minor requirements with the permission of the Faculty Coordinator.

Asian Studies Minor Requirements

The Asian Studies Minor requires completion of five 4-credit courses (20 credits).

Gateway Courses

One Gateway course is required of ALL students pursuing the Minor.


For the remaining twelve (12) credits students must select three courses from the following three groups. Students must choose one course from each of the three groups(for a total of 12 credits).

Group I. East Asia: History and Politics
Group II. South and Southeast Asia: History and Politics
Group III. Humanities, Arts, and Cultures of Asia

Other courses at USF may qualify for credit towards the minor. Please consult with the Faculty Coordinator for approval before enrolling.