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Bachelor of Health Services (BHS) Program of Study

General Education CORE
(44 credits)
  A1: Public Speaking
*A2: Rhetoric and Composition
  B1: Math
  B2: Applied or Lab Science
  C1: Literature
  C2: History
 *D1: Philosophy
 *D2: Theology
 *D3: Ethics
  E: Social Science
  F: Visual & Performing Arts

BHS Major
(44 credits)
Interdisciplinary Research & Writing
Ethics & Society
Healthcare Policy and Law
Human Resource Management
Financial Resource Management
Evidence-based Practice in Healthcare
Project Management
Field Project
Introduction to Leadership and Organization in the American Healthcare System
Informatics in Healthcare
Elective / Specialization Coursework
(12 credits)
Specialization Options: Master of Public Health, Master of Science in Behavioral Health, Master of Science in Health Informatics. Please note that specializations/electives are not offered at USF Branch campuses and are not listed on the USF diploma or official transcript.
Master of Public Health
Introduction to Public Health and Health Promotion
Social Justice, Health Policy, Ethics, and Public Health Law
Directed Study

Master of Science in Behavioral Health*
Communicating for Health Behavior and Social Change
Program Planning, Management and Evaluation

Master of Science in Health Informatics
Computer Science for Health Informatics Professionals
Perspectives on Health Informatics
Health Data Security, Privacy and Confidentiality
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Informatics

*Additional elective credits are required in another discipline to reach the 12 required credits.

General Electives
Complete a minimum of 128 credits through general elective and transfer credit to supplement the major and University core to meet the requirements for an undergraduate degree.
* Core Courses offered at the San Francisco Branch Campuses