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Business Administration Major

In today's competitive, global business environment, managers must have a variety of skills in order to lead successfully. Leaders are no longer insulated from the functional areas of business. Many responsible positions require a solid background in business fundamentals, as well as an appreciation of the interrelated nature of business functions.

A Business Administration major provides the opportunity for students to choose an inter-disciplinary course from outside business in addition to a variety of elective business courses to further develop skills in their areas of interest while also increasing their understanding of the broader business environment. Students choosing this major receive a comprehensive business education allowing them access to a variety of career paths. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop their communication, analytical and computer skills, creativity, and other qualities necessary for success in organizational life.


Students take 20 units of upper division, non core, business coursework. With approval from a faculty advisor, 4 of the 20 units may be from business related coursework outside business.

Electives (select 20 units from the following):
  • BUS 311 through BUS 389, BUS 398, BUS 397
  • BUS 401 through BUS 489
  • Foreign Language — third semester or higher (4 units maximum)