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CASA Profiles

The following individuals provide tremendous support and help to the Center for Academic and Student Achievement. Without them, CASA will not be able to guide and empower students to reach their full potential.

CASA Staff: Michael Bell
Michael Tadesse-Bell

CASA Staff: Ben Bottorff
Ben Bottorff

CASA Staff: Mariella Brodersen
Mariella Brodersen

CASA Staff: Nazanin Calhoun
Nazanin Calhoun

CASA Staff: Dena Davis
Dena Davis

CASA Staff: Brenda Giarratano
Brenda Giarratano

CASA Staff: Katy Juranty
Katy Juranty

CASA Staff: Kimberly Knowles
Kimberly Renee Knowles

CASA Staff: Charlene Lobo Soriano
Charlene P. Lobo Soriano

CASA Staff: Marvella Luey
Marvella Luey

CASA Staff: Tonya Miller
Tonya Miller

CASA Staff: Rania Murr
Rania Murr

CASA Staff: McCall Olson
McCall Olson

CASA Staff: Deanna Pachinger
Deanna Pachinger

Liam Quinn
Liam Quinn

CASA Staff: Laleh Shahideh
Laleh Shahideh

CASA Staff: Guanzi Shen
Guanzi Shen

CASA Staff: Alyssa Soboleski
Alyssa Soboleski

CASA Staff: Sara Solloway
Sara Solloway

CASA Staff: Megan Trapani
Megan Trapani