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First Year Resources - First Year Students

Welcome Booklet-Alumni Assoc.pdf
Created by the Alumni Association, the Student Restaurant and Entertainment Guide provides students with crucial information about services and sites near USF. Includes extensive Restaurant lists and other Useful Destinations such as Shopping, Bookstores, Specialty Stores, Grocery Stores, etc. If you'd like to add something, please email:!

Websites Yelp is a helpful site that posts user reviews of restaurants, services, and even events. Members give very candid reviews and can give you good insights into whatever service you're researching. The most helpful feature for USF students is using the "Search" and using USF's zip code (94118) to see what's nearby!'s Restaurants in the nearby USF neighborhoods (Western Addition, NOPA, and Haight-Ashbury).'s Grocery Stores in the nearby USF neighborhoods (same as above)'s San Francisco Events

FunCheapSF A website devoted to helping you explore the city on a small budget. Perfect for students who want to get to know the city but don't have a lot of money, search for annual festivals, free concerts and free museum days.

NextMUNI Find when your next bus is with the running timer on the website.

GrubHub A city-wide website that has delivery options for all sorts of foods. Ratings and order minimums are included on the website.

Readings and Advice
"College Advice, From People Who Have Been There Awhile" was created by several opinion editors from the New York Times who felt they could best help new and returning students in universities and colleges across the nation in their tenures as independent and hard-working college students! This list of informative yet short and funny articles gives all first year students (and college students in general) some well-needed advice on how to brave through picking professors, tips on how to write a clean and college appropriate paper and how one should conduct themselves in a classroom.

Student Advice on Freshman Year (FastWeb)
Some words of advice from students from various universities that have lived through their first year in college. Read about settling into college life, how to organize, and just general life tips that can come in handy in your first year.