Campaign for the Harney Science Center

USF is renewing its commitment to build a university for the future by raising $60 million to invest in the redesign of Harney Science Center. With the new engineering program comes a planned renovation of Harney — improving how Harney supports active learning in science and innovation and provides space for students to create and collaborate.

With your support we will:

  • Modernize and re-envision the 1960s Harney Science Center into an innovative state-of-the-art building
  • Enable new ways of teaching and learning STEAM programs that embrace innovation and collaboration
  • Create a new innovation center, called the Innovation Hive, a 24/7 academic space for all students that provides spaces to brainstorm, as well as for prototyping, fabrication, and computation
  • Provide a home for Engineering at USF, launching in the fall of 2020

Harney will be transformed into a state-of-the-art science center inspiring our entire university to ideate and create, promoting excellence in science and engineering education and cutting-edge research."

Marcelo Camperi, Dean OF THE College of Arts and Sciences

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