Campaign for Star Route Farms

In 2017, the University of San Francisco purchased Star Route Farms, a certified organic farm in Bolinas, California. While continuing to operate as a working farm serving the Bay Area community, Star Route Farms is now also becoming a center for teaching, research, and service for USF faculty and students.

With your support, Star Route Farms will provide a unique opportunity for USF to:

  • Expand our mission of high-quality Jesuit education paired with environmental and social justice
  • Teach our students to be responsible stewards of our environment
  • Engage USF students and faculty in ongoing research and sustainability work
  • Sustain and revitalize one of California's premier organic farms

The excitement connected with this purchase is matched only by the multitude of opportunities we envision for students, faculty, and the local community in the years to come.”

Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J., President of the University of San Francisco