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DMV Pull Notice Program

All drivers please complete the Driver Safety Training and submit the form below.

Out-of-state drivers, in addition to the Driver Safety Training and the form below, please submit a copy of your driver’s license to usftravel@usfca.edu

*Note: Drivers will not be processed without proof of Driver Safety Training Completion.

Driver Safety Training Program:

Go to EduRisk.
First-time users should select the option to create a new account on the right side of the screen.
Enter this institution registration code: 0442-0511-XY12

Under the "Learning Programs" tab, select the "Driver Training" program.

Upon completion, send a copy/screenshot of Driver Training Transcript to usftravel@usfca.edu or Accounting & Business Office, LMN 3rd floor.

DMV Release Form
All Employees driving for the University must sign the release form located here.

Once completed, it should be sent to Melissa Diaz at the Office of Accounting & Business Services, LMN 3rd floor.

Any questions can be sent to usftravel@usfca.edu.


 Please fill out all the below fields

Personal Information:
Middle Intl:
Contact Email:
CWID (USF ID) Number:
Drivers License Number:
DOB: (dd/mm/yyyy)  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
License Expiration Date: (dd/mm/yyyy)  [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
Department Information:
Please indicate your status:
If Student or Student/Staff, please indicate graduation term: (example: Spring/2015)
If Faculty, please indicate your title:
Department/class you will be driving for?
Driver's Supervisor:
Start of driving term: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Driving until: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Reason for Driving: