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University Cashier

University Cashier is under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Disbursement Services and provides the following cash-handling services:

  • Change Order Request
  • Departmental Deposit Acceptance
  • Student Tuition and Fee Cash Payments
    • Alternative payment methods:
      • Online Payment. Click here for more information.
      • Money order (can be purchased at most banks, post offices, and retail stores)      
  • Petty Cash Reimbursements
    • Petty Cash Voucher form
    • All petty cash vouchers can also be submitted through Concur. Students without Concur access may request that their business manager submit the voucher for them.  For more information please contact Samantha Wilkinson at swilkinson@usfca.edu.
    • Please note that petty cash reimbursements at the cashier window can only be made within 60 days of the expense date and the amount cannot exceed $100. Reimbursements that exceed the 60-day limit can be submitted in Concur and paid     via check.

Hours of Operation

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays (effective: June 1, 2015)

**Hours may vary during University events.