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Student Satisfaction Inventory

The Student Satisfaction Inventory gives you a powerful tool to improve the quality of student life and learning. It measures student satisfaction and priorities, showing you how satisfied students are as well as what issues are important to them. Findings from the Student Satisfaction Inventory™ are automatically compared to national standards by institution type on the following scales.

  • Academic Advising Effectiveness
    (also called Academic Advising and Counseling Effectiveness) assesses the academic advising program, evaluating advisors and counselors on their knowledge, competence, approachability, and personal concern for students.
  • Campus Climate
    evaluates how the institution promotes a sense of campus pride and belonging.
  • Campus Support Services
    assesses the quality of support programs and services.
  • Concern for the Individual
    assesses your commitment to treating each student as an individual. This assessment includes groups who deal personally with students (e.g., faculty, advisors, counselors, and staff).
  • Instructional Effectiveness
    measures students' academic experiences, the curriculum, and the campus's commitment to academic excellence.
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Effectiveness
    measures the competence of admissions counselors, along with students' perceptions of the financial aid programs.
  • Registration Effectiveness
    assesses registration and billing, including how smooth the registration process is.
  • Responsiveness to Diverse Populations
    assesses the institution's commitment to specific groups of students enrolled at the institution (e.g., under-represented populations, students with disabilities, commuters, part-time students, and adult learners).
  • Safety and Security
    measures the campus' responsiveness to students' personal safety and security.
  • Service Excellence
    measures quality of service and personal concern for students in various areas of campus.
  • Student Centeredness
    measures the institution's attitude toward students and the extent to which they feel welcome and valued.
  • Campus Life
    assesses the effectiveness of student life programs offered by the institution, ranging from athletics to residence life. This scale also assesses campus policies and procedures to determine students' perceptions of their rights and responsibilities.
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