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EBI Housing

College and University Housing Assessment

The Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I), in partnership with EBI, are the premier providers of benchmarking assessments for university housing. The EBI-Housing assessment measures the effectiveness of USF's housing program from our student’s perspective. This assessment provides insight into resident perceptions and demonstrates to residents that their perceptions are important. Some areas addressed in this assessment include:

Satisfaction: Hall/Apt Student Staff Climate: Fellow Residents are Respectful
Satisfaction: Hall/Apt Programming Climate: Sense of Community
Satisfaction: Dining Services Learning Outcomes: Personal Interactions
Satisfaction: Room/Floor Environment Learning Outcomes: Diverse Interactions
Satisfaction: Facilities Learning Outcomes: Manage Time, Study, Solve Problems
Satisfaction: Services Provided Learning Outcomes: Personal Growth
Satisfaction: Room Assignment or Change Process Satisfaction: College/University
Satisfaction: Safety and Security Overall Program Effectiveness
Climate: Fellow Residents are Tolerant  

The EBI analysis includes two types of reports. Upper Level Summary Reports which give the reader a high level view of the performance of their institution and Lower Level Detail Reports which dig into the data to pinpoint details. Gender, ethnicity, and other demographic variables are included in the analysis in order to determine the degree to which intervention strategies may need to differ.

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