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Student listening with his hands folded during the orientation


city view at night

Institutional Data

The table below lists results from surveys conducted by the Office of Institutional Research at the University of San Francisco. These data are used to assess and inform institutional strategic planning and program effectiveness.


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Institutional Student Learning Assurance Results
USF Alumni (USFAS) Reports
USF Freshmen Survey (CIRP) Reports
USF Freshmen Student Engagement (BCSSE) Reports
USF Undergraduate Student Engagement (NSSE) Reports
USF Graduating Student Exiting Opinions (GSS) Reports
USF Faculty (HERI) Reports
USF Undergraduate Housing (EBI) Reports
USF Living Learning Communities (NSLLP) Reports
USF New Student Orientation (NSO) Reports
USF Undergraduate Satisfaction (SSI) Reports
USF Undergraduate Spirituality (CSBV) Reports
USF Core Impact Survey (CIS) Reports
USF Study Abroad Impact Survey (SAIS) Reports
USF Student Attrition Survey (AttS) Reports
USF Leadership Survey Forthcoming
USF Library Quality Survey (LibQual) Reports
USF Information Technology Services (ITS) Reports
USF Alcohol EDU Reports
USF Health Survey (NCHA) Reports
USF Academic Integrity Survey Reports