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Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Office of Assessment at the University of San Francisco is to support the institution’s commitment to "excellence in learning" through the coordination of institutional faculty led student-centered evaluation practices, continuous improvement and the systematic integration of “lessons learned” into the strategic and institutional planning.


In this role, the Office of Assessment is committed to engage, empower and assist faculty/staff and administration, in academic, co-curricular and non-academic units by providing the following services:

  • Support the development and implementation of program assessment plans that define, measure and evaluate student learning goals and outcomes.
  • Support regional and discipline-specific program reviews and accreditation processes.
  • Support units in assessment activities by providing relevant training and feedback, and by designing practical methods of measurement and evaluation.
  • Collaborate with the colleagues in CIPE and other academic areas to integrate direct assessment findings with national data and institutional indirect evidence (surveys, focus groups, etc.).
  • Collect and analyze a broad array of data to support institutional and program decision-making and continuous improvement.
  • Coordinate, conduct and design faculty/staff workshops, seminars, and other professional development processes focused on faculty expertise in assessment.