You may complete the pre-health science requirements as a part of, or in addition to, the requirements of your chosen academic major.

These are the courses offered at USF that are typically required for entry into health professions programs:

Course Title Units Offered
BIOL 105 General Biology I Lecture/Lab 4 Fall, Spring, Summer
BIOL 106 General Biology II Lecture/Lab 4 Fall, Spring, Summer
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I Lecture/Lab 4 Fall, Summer
CHEM 113 General Chemistry II Lecture/Lab 4 Spring, Summer
CHEM 230/232 Organic Chemistry I Lecture/Lab 4 Fall, Summer
(Lab - Fall only)
CHEM 231 * Organic Chemistry II Lecture 4 Spring, Summer
CHEM 356 ** Fundamentals of Biochemistry 4 Fall
PHYS 100 *** Intro to Physics I Lecture/Lab 4 Fall
PHYS 101 *** Intro to Physics II Lecture/Lab 4 Spring

* Second semester Organic Chemistry LAB is not typically required

** Most programs require or recommend at least one semester of biochemistry. Another option is Biochemistry I and II (CHEM 350/351; Fall/Spring).

*** The Intro to Physics series is algebra-based; The General Physics series is calculus-based. Physics with calculus is not typically required.

Check with each individual health professions program regarding its particular requirements. Note that there may be fewer or additional requirements in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics.


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