The major in Theology and Religious studies is comprised of 40 units and is structured in the following steps:

I. Gateway Courses (8 units)

- Complete THRS-195, a First-Year Seminar, or any D-2 Core Course
- Complete a THRS Ethics course

II. Foundation Course for the Major (4 units)

- Complete THRS-101 Methods and Theories in Theology/Religious Studies

III. Elective Courses (24 units)

- Complete 6 elective courses within a Thematic Emphasis by choosing one of the following:
• Christianity
• Global Religions & Theologies
• Asian Religions
• Religion, Ethics, and Social Justice

IV. Senior Seminars and Capstone Thesis (4 units)

- In your senior year, you will complete  your capstone in a senior seminar course:
• Spring Senior Seminar and Capstone (4 units)
- In these seminars, you will complete a senior capstone thesis. The capstone is overseen by a professor who is best qualified to oversee your research interests.


What if you finish the major ahead of schedule?

If you completed the major early on in your academic career, consider being a double-major or earning a minor in another subject that compliments the THRS major. Here are a few ideas: Philosophy, Sociology, Politics, International Studies, Legal Studies, Anthropology, Pre-med Studies, and Nursing.