The University of San Francisco: College of Arts & Sciences

Strategic Initiative

At the College of Arts and Sciences, we hold the firm belief that an education based on the liberal arts and sustained on the humanistic values of the Jesuit tradition is right, appropriate, and desirable. To achieve success in disseminating this message within the framework of an intellectual and scholarly transformation of our campus, we need to act with one voice. To find what that voice is, we need to engage in a reflective and collective process of determining what we want to be as a College.We are engaged in a strategic planning process that will guide us for the next five years, but that will also have long-term implications. This planning process will benefit from the reflection and dialogue generated by our program review process. We will draw inspiration from our Jesuit Catholic tradition, our passion for social justice, and the cultural richness and diversity of our location. Our plan will, of course, be aligned with the University's vision for the future, expressed in the 2028 document

I propose a college-wide dialogue centered around these four specific strategic areas that all fall under the umbrella of the Jesuit Identity:

All are linked by the opportunities afforded to our students by our location, the rich and diverse classroom that is the city of San Francisco.


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