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Conference FAQs

Can I get a schedule for the conference?
Click "Schedule" on the left-hand side of this webpage.

Can you describe the conference a little more? For instance, what are its goals?
This April 26 and 27 we're having a Social Justice Activism conference on campus that is open to all USF students, alumni, faculty, and staff (FREE). The goals of the conference are:

  • to expose participants to the multiple ways to be an activist;
  • to teach participants about the inter-play between various "distinct" fields of social injustice (i.e., intersectionality); 
  • and to empower and excite participants to get (more) involved in social justice-related activities.

And what are the general topics?
We are going to have a number of thematic tracks, all of which are related vis-a-vis conflict, activism, and transformation, and interlocked in terms of both intersectionality and the need for societal change:

  • Environment
  • Gender and Sexual Identities
  • Immigration
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • International Conflict

How will the tracks and workshops work?
On both Friday (4.26) and Saturday (4.27) there will be four time-slots: 9-10:30, 10:45-12:15, 1:15-2:45, and 3-4:30. All sessions will take place in Fromm Hall on the USF Main Campus (near the corner of Parker and Golden Gate Avenues - see here).

Aside from the 9-10:30 opening session that is being offered both days, Friday and Saturday we will offer three consecutive sessions for each of the five tracks. For example, on both days, after the opening session, the "Environment" track will offer one session from 10:45-12:15, a second session from 1:15-2:45, and a third and final session from 3-4:30. As Fromm Hall has five rooms, we will have five sessions going at any one time.

If I am a student and want to run a workshop what are my next steps?
Although many of the workshops will be run by scholars and activists from the USF community, a large number of slots are open for students to run. If you are interested... please send an email to Professor Aaron Hahn Tapper with a 3-4 sentence description of your workshop topic, including which track you feel it fits in with best. Be sure to consider that workshops need to be interactive and/or multi-media based (i.e., no frontal lectures). Some of the formats people are using are panels, such as having a panel with you, a second individual (also an educator-activist who does work on a related topic), and a moderator (who will keep the workshop focused on the topic at hand). If your proposal is selected Dr. Hahn Tapper will be in touch shortly thereafter. Proposals will be accepted on a firm come/first serve basis.

Who can participate in the conference?
The priority for conference participants are USF students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni of USF-affiliated programs run in partnership with the Center for Transformative Education and Abraham’s Vision. The conference is also open to the public and free of charge.

Who are the USF Co-sponsors?
Co-sponsored by the Departments of Media Studies, Politics, Theology & Religious Studies, and the Bachelor or Arts in International Studies program (BAIS), Master's in International Studies program (MAIS), and programs in Jewish Studies and Social Justice, Middle East Studies, and Peace and Justice Studies.

Is anyone else sponsoring the Conference?
There are two other not-for-profit educational organizations involved in the conference, the Center for Transformative Education and Abraham’s Vision.