The Psychology major offered at USF is designed for the student who wants to learn the fundamentals of behavioral science within the context of a traditional liberal arts education.


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Students receive a comprehensive exposure to the foundations of psychological theory and application and are introduced to laboratory and field research. This major is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of professional and business careers, and it prepares students for graduate study in psychology or related disciplines (e.g., social work, counseling, law, education). 

Learning Goals/ Outcomes for the B.A. in Psychology

Students who complete the B.A. in Psychology will be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to think scientifically about human behavior and psychological processes and to differentiate conclusions based on evidence from those based on speculation or personal belief.
  • evaluate research methods and designs, to distinguish observations from conclusion.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the breadth of psychology, including different areas of psychology, such as the social, abnormal, developmental, personality, and cognitive areas, and different approaches to the study of psychology, such as biological, interpersonal, and sociological approaches.
  • show respect and appreciation for human diversity.
  • interpret the ethical practice of scientific inquiry and apply a consideration of ethical issues and values, both within and beyond the discipline, to their daily lives.
  • speak and write effectively, both generally and in the language of the discipline.
  • research, review, and critically analyze a current topic in psychology.