The Philippine Studies Minor

The Philippine Studies Minor requires completion of 20 units of coursework, divided into 8 units of required courses and 12 units of electives. After completing the required courses, you then take courses under three recommended areas of emphases: Service and Justice,  Cultural Diversity, Asian and Asian American Experiences, and Language.

1. Required courses (8 units) 

YPSP 325: Filipino Culture and Society (4)   AND
YPSP 301: Philippine History: Early times to 1900 (4)
YPSP 310: Philippine History: 1900 to present (4)

2. Elective courses (12 units)

  • Service and justice emphasis

YPSP 312: Knowledge Activism
YPSP 323: Filipino Politics and Justice
YPSP 324: Philippines Today: Summer Abroad
YPSP 333: Boxing and Social Justice
YPSP 303: Law, Immigration, and the Filipino Experience
YPSP 355: Philippine Theology and Revolutions 

  • Language emphasis

YPSP 101: First Semester Filipino/Tagalog
YPSP 102: Second Semester Filipino/Tagalog
YPSP 201: Third Semester Filipino/Tagalog
YPSP 202: Fourth Semester Filipino/Tagalog


  • Cultural diversity emphasis

YPSP 195: Pinay Lit: Filipina Stories
YPSP 205: Barrio Fiesta: Introduction
YPSP 206: Barrio Fiesta: Performance
YPSP 222: Philippine Boxing and Culture
YPSP 240: Filipinos and Ethnic Media
YPSP 250: Filipino Music and Theology
YPSP 251: Philippine Dance and Culture
YPSP 260: Filipino American and Philippine Literature
YPSP 295: SIT Filipina Literature in Diaspora
YPSP 316: Filipino American Arts
YPSP 355: Philippine Theology and Revolutions

  • Asian and Asian American experiences emphasis

YPSP 195: FYS: Gangster, Geeks, & Geishas
THRS 366: Religion and Spirituality in Asia
POLS 369: Asian Politics, Activism, and Justice
SOC 228:   Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Society
ENGL 211: Asian American Literature Survey
PSYC 317: Asian American Psychology

 *Students need to take the Filipino Placement Exam early on in their academic careers (Junior Year at the latest)

If you have any questions about the placement exam please contact Krislyn Tanaka, program assistant for the Department of Modern & Classical Languages,
Kalmanovitz Hall, Room 328, 415-422-2802.