Study Abroad

USF offers several different opportunities for students interested in studying abroad in the Philippines.  With experiences ranging from intensive summer programs to semester-long immersions, you are guaranteed to find something that will fit your interests. "Casa Bayanihan has been a wonderful gift to my experience here at USF and my only hope is that the program would do the same for others." - Tara Peithman, Casa Participant 2012

Below you can find more information on the following abroad opportunities:

- Casa Bayanihan
- USF in the Philippines (Summer)
- Ateneo de Manila (Semester/Year)

Casa Bayanihan Semester Program

/uploadedImages/Destinations/College_of_Arts_and_Sciences/Undergraduate_Programs/Philippine_Studies/Casa B Tara3.JPGWhat can I expect? A semester-long immersion program in Manila that provides students with a comprehensive and integrated living-learning experience of the culture, history, social and economic conditions of the Philippines. Casa Bayanihan is an invitation to experience the dynamic reality of the Philippines in an alternative study abroad program.  Rooted in the four pillars of accompaniment of marginalized communities, rigorous academics at the local Jesuit university, Ateneo de Manila, simple living in community, and spirituality, this integration supports students in developing "a well-educated solidarity" needed for our world.Perhaps one of the most formative experiences for Casa Bayanihan students is the experience in the praxis communities, where students build relationships with Filipinos in the midst of their daily lives.  Seeing the Filipinos as their teachers, combined with the opportunity to reflect critically in community and individually, Casa Bayanihan is an education for transformation.

Casa Bayanihan - handsWhat are the logistics?  This program allow USF students to use all Federal, State and USF financial aid (except work study) to cover the cost of the program.  The curriculum of the Casa Bayanihan is designed for most undergraduate majors, enabling you to meet your graduation requirements with academic credit granted through USF.  The program is open to students that have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and are typically of Junior standing (although exceptions can be made for sophomores and seniors).  Due to a generous grant by an anonymous donor, the costs of the program for Spring 2012 have been significantly diminished and you can take advantage of this opportunity for only $4100.  The donor will be paying for all tuition, room and board and you will only have to pay for the following estimated costs: Weekend Meals: $300  Books/Supplies: $200  Personal Expenses: $600  Airfare: $1,300  Living Expenses: $500  Tuition: $1,000

To apply, you should (1) contact the Center for Global Education to discuss the application process (2) visit the the Casa Bayanihan page at USF's St. Ignatius Institute for more information and an online application.  The deadline is March 31, 2012

 For complete information on all the abroad programs offered in the Philippines, visit USF's Center for Global Education.

Ateneo de Manila University - "USF in the Philippines" 
Short Term International Program

Learning 1What can I expect?
By participating in the "USF in The Philippines" Program you will gain an overview of the country’s history, politics and current challenges. You will meet Filipinos from all walks of life; you will see the natural beauty and environmental threats facing the land; and, you will contribute to changing the lives of some Filipinos. At the end of the program you will be exhausted, changed, and personally and academically enriched.

What are the logistics?

The program lasts approximately five weeks in the summer.  You will earn four USF credits that will count towards the Philippine Studies Minor.  Any USF undergraduate with a GPA 2.0 or higher can apply.  All participants must have a valid U.S. passport and have appropriate health insurance. The breakdown of costs are as follows - Tuition: $1,770  Airfare: $1,300  Insurance: $75  Visa: $45   Room and Board: $975 Service Learning 10

What about class?
The main campus of the Ateneo de Manila University is located in Quezon City within Metro Manila.  USF students attend a special class at the Ateneo de Manila University where scholars from the Ateneo address such topics as the history of the Philippines, cultural values and beliefs, Filipino-American relations, contemporary economic and environmental issues, popular culture, music and the arts as well as Filipino religiosity and cuisine.  The program also includes field trip visits. On-site debriefing and reflection sessions will provide you ample opportunity to process your experiences, explore your reactions and share ideas with the group. Assignments will include reflection papers and a final project to be completed upon your return to the United States.   

To apply, you must (1) Apply to the program (contact the Center for Global Education); and (2) register for The Philippines Today (YPSP-324-01) as part of your Summer course load.

Ateneo de Manila University - Semester/Year-Long Program

Take advantage of this USF-sponsored program and spend a semester or year abroad at the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU).  Courses are taught in English so there is no language requirement for the program.  The program runs from June - October in the Fall and March - June in the Spring.  Deadlines and academic course information can be found in this document: Philippines, Manila