Theater Program

Performing Arts & Social Justice Major Theater Emphasis

Theater Program Coordinator and academic advisor: Roberto Varea (

Theater Emphasis courses in the PASJ major builds the foundation necessary to create theater in our changing world, by providing students with technical training, room for personal exploration and artistic expression, and the social and historical context in which theater is made.  San Francisco provides a unique laboratory in which our students engage the world. The goal of the major is to develop artists who are not only technically competent and versatile, but who have also explored the conceptual, compositional and creative processes underlying theater as an artistic form.

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Requirements For The PASJ Major Theater Concentration (48 Units)

A Theater Concentration in the PASJ Major requires completion of the following, in addition to the six foundational courses that all PASJ majors take: 

PASJ Common Spine (dance, music, and theater)
PASJ-161 Body and Performance (2 units)
PASJ-171 Production and Design (2 units)
PASJ-280 Contemporary Performance Practices (4 units)
PASJ-380 Performing Arts and Community Exchange SL (4 units)
PASJ-480 Senior Project (4 units) 

Theater Specific Requirements
THTR-120 Acting I: Spoken Text (2 units)

THTR-182 Theater and Social history (4 units)
THTR-220 Acting II: Scene Study (4 units)

THTR-225 Theater in Community (4 units)

THTR-230 Composition I (4 units)

THTR-272 Workshop In Play Production (4 units)

THTR-310 Performance & Culture Series (4 units)

THTR-320 Acting III: Viewpoints  (4 units)

THTR-330/349 Theater Technique Electives (8 units)

Requirements For The Theater Minor (20 Units)

Ideal for students who have a passion for theater, the minor allows students to specialize in either performance or technical theater/design.

PASJ-182 Theater and Social History (4 units)
THTR-120 Acting I: Spoken Text (2 units)
And THTR-162 Acting 1: Body and Performance (2 units)
Or THTR-151 Acting for Non-Majors (4 units)
THTR 220 Acting II (4 units)
Elective Theater Techhnique Series (THTR 330-340 4 units)
THTR 310 Performance and Culture Series (4 units)

Fulfilling The Core Requirements Through The Theater Program

Declaring a PASJ major or Theater minor allows you access to classes designed especially for Performing Arts students that can help you to fulfill various core requirements on campus, including:

Core A1 (Public Speaking): THTR-201
Core C1 (Literature): THTR-301
Core D1 (Philosophy): PHIL-209
Core E (Social Science): MUS-305
Core F (Visual and Performing Arts): THTR-305-316
SL (Service Learning): THTR-225 or PASJ-380
CD (Cultural Diversity): THTR-305-316