Why Study a Foreign Language?

Become a Citizen of the World

Multilingual communication opens doors around the world that for many English-only speakers stay closed. But it’s more than just conversation. It’s the study of others’ history and art, a means to enhance listening skills and creativity, and an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of another culture and your own.

Stand Out in the Job Market

What will set you apart from other candidates? In a global economy and an evolving American cultural landscape, multilingualism will leap off your resume. Check out our Careers page to learn more about the professional options across a variety of industries that await you after graduation.

Take Your Skills Abroad

We encourage MCL majors and minors to spend a semester abroad immersing themselves in the unique customs and day-to-day cultural experiences that wait beyond our borders. Applying your skills outside of the classroom – and the U.S. – is vital to mastering the nuances and intricacies of a new language.