German Studies Minor

The German Program offers a Minor, which requires the completion of 24 units in the program. All students need to meet at least the standards of a four-semester (16 units) language proficiency. Students who enter the program with previous knowledge of German take an online placement test to determine their level of proficiency; it is supplemented by a meeting with the coordinator of the program to ensure the most appropriate course placement.

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A USF grad
A USF grad
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After completion of the four lower division language courses, students have the option to either take one more semester of language study plus one course in literature and culture taught in English at the upper division level, or they can complete two upper division literature and culture courses.  One literature and culture course is offered each semester.

Those students who have reached fifth semester German language proficiency and would like to study German literature and film in German may enroll in directed study groups to fulfill the Literature and Culture component for the Minor by reading, discussing, and writing about German literature and film in the original language. These directed studies continue to include an emphasis on enhancing language proficiency.

Foundation Language Courses (16 units)
  • GERM - 101 First Semester German
  • GERM - 102 Second Semester German
  • GERM - 201 Third Semester German
  • GERM - 202 Fourth Semester German
Choose two of the following (8 units)
  • GERM - 305 Conversation and Writing
  • GERM - 318 Jewish Literature and Culture in 20th Century Europe                          
    (fulfills Core C –Literature requirement)
  • GERM - 320 German Literature and Culture from 1945 to Today
    (fulfills Core C –Literature requirement)
  • GERM - 350 Paris-Berlin: Connections and Contrasts at the Turn of the 20th Century
    (cross-listed with FREN 350, fulfills Core C-Literature requirement)

Questions about the German Studies Minor should be addressed to Professor Susanne Hoelscher (