Foreign Language Requirements

The University of San Francisco’s foreign language requirement varies by college or school. Specific majors and minors may also require additional semesters of language study.

Language Requirement PDF

Regardless of the department, you must pass each language course with a minimum grade of C- to move up to the next course level. Please check with the appropriate department or your academic adviser.

College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts:

3 consecutive semesters of the same language.

Bachelor of Science:

2 consecutive semesters of the same language.

School of Management

Only students completing the Bachelor of Science in International Business have a language requirement: 3 consecutive semesters of the same language.

School of Nursing & Health Professions

No language requirement.

Language Requirement Exemption

Exemption from the foreign language requirement may be obtained through establishment of equivalent proficiency as determined by results of the Foreign Language Placement Test, transfer of equivalent college-level course credit or achievement of a minimum score of 4 on any foreign language CEEB Advanced Placement Examination. Check out our Placement Tests & Credits page to learn more.