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Student Perspectives

Jerry Davis
"My role as a Program Associate at the United Nations Development Program in Egypt is to support the Democratic Governance program. Projects that I support are primarily focused on: enhancing electoral administration, establishing one-stop-shop legal aid offices, building capacity of an African peacekeeping Center in Cairo, and promoting anti-corruption in the public sector. The MAIS program most certainly prepared me to begin my career in virtually any field that is associated to the theme of social justice, particularly in an international setting." --- Jerry Davis
"The MAIS Program exposed me to a variety of approaches to international development. I was encouraged to follow the path most closely aligned to my beliefs.The Director's hands-on involvement helped me identify internship opportunities and introduced me to Golden Mean Capital's founder --- a USF alum. What began as my internship requirement evolved into a new career in international development. I serve as Director of Research for Golden Mean --- a social venture capital firm that invests in small agriculture-focused, early-stage enterprises in Africa. Our goal is to alleviate poverty by integrating venture and philanthropic capital in the agricultural sector." --- Daniel Hartz
"My experience in the MAIS Program enriched my knowledge and analysis of both domestic and international issues from transnational conflicts to cultural identity in a globalizing world. It also played a strong role in preparation for teaching. I teach in National University's Mass Communication and Oral Communication Program --- both to online students throughout the U.S. and the world, as well as traditional on-campus courses. I also teach courses in the fields of sociology and international business at DeVry University." --- Elaine Venter
"The MAIS Program played a vital role in advancing my career and complementing my academic strengths and research interests. I served my internship as a liaison for the U.N. Department of Information and for the Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit at the U.N. Office of the Secretary General. I supervised wire services/news (Reuters, AP, CNN, AL Jazeera), including coverage of visiting dignitaries, the General Assembly, and the Security Council. The internship put my career in motion by building my professional experiences and relationships." --- Stephan Reese
"I serve as Operations Manager for Golden Mean Capital. In Golden Mean's startup phase, I wear a number of hats from research to web design to database management. I work extensively on business plans, private placements and numerous investor presentations. I began as an intern during studies at USF and was hired full-time after completing the MAIS Program. My research focused on agricultural development in Africa and its capacity for poverty reduction." --- Chris Chida