A Legal Studies Minor may be earned by students in any USF major. For the minor, students must complete five (5) courses (20 credits) (which may be double-counted for major, minor and core requirements), including the Overview course, one course in Domestic Justice, one course in Global Justice, one Field Placement, and one Elective. The elective can be satisfied preferably by choosing an additional course in either Domestic Justice or Global Justice, or by choosing a course from additional electives.

Summer/Fall 2015 Course Listings (CLICK LINK)




Students are required to take one of the two overview courses:

POL 322 Politics of American Justice (Elias/Weiner) or 
SOC 354 Sociology of Law (Santos/Richman)

Domestic Justice 

POL 301 Early American Political Thought
POL 302 Modern American Political Though, 1865-Present
POL 316 Law, Politics & Baseball (Elias)
POL 323 Legislative Process (Cook)
POL 327 American Reformers & Revolutionaries (Elias)
POL 335 Political Power & Constitutional Law (Elias)
POL 336 Race, Equality & the Law (Taylor)
POL 337 Women and the Law (Staff)
POL 339 Free Expression and the Constitution (Weiner)
POL 392 American Indian Politics (Kessler-Mata)
SOC 227 Violence in Society (Richman)
SOC 304 U.S. Inequalities & Social Justice (Raeburn)
SOC 357 Criminology (Richman)
COMS 336 Rhetoric of Law
HIST 259 Civil Rights Movement in History & Film (Nasstrom)
PHIL 372 Philosophy of Law (Cavanaugh/Vargas)
MEDIA 311 Communication Law and Policy (Barker-Plummer)
ENVA 363 Environmental Law 
ENVA 367 Environmental Justice
BUS 301 Business Law (Boedecker, et al.)

Global Justice

POL 345 Global Economic Justice (Zunes)
POL 350 International Law & Organizations (Zartner)
POL 352 Human Rights & Global Change (Elias)
POL 369 Asian Politics, Actions, Justice (Gonzalez)
POL 380/THRS 380 Social Justice and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Hahn Tapper)
POL 381 Feminist International Relations (Wibben)
POL 390 Filipino Politics and Justice (Gonzalez)
SOC 233 Gender, Development, and Globalization
SOC 302 Global Inequalities & Social Justice (Santos)
SOC 322 Resistance to Corporate Globalization (Santos)
SOC 390 Sociology of Human Rights (Santos)
COMS 364 Communication for Justice & Social Change (Jacquemet)


Field Placement

Students must choose between a law-related placement in a government agency (Politics 396) or in some non-governmental organization (Politics 397 or Sociology 395):

POL 396 Public Administration Internship (Murphy/Gonzalez/Kessler-Mata)
POL 397 Fieldwork in Public Interest Organizations (Elias)
SOC 395 Fieldwork in Sociology (Gamson/Rodriguez)

Additional Electives

Students must choose one (1) elective by taking an additional course in either Domestic Justice or Global Justice (see above) or by taking a course from the following list (as periodically updated):

POL 315 Race, Ethnicity, & American Politics (Taylor)
POL 330 Crime, Law, and the Constitution (Lutomski)
POL 363 Public Policy: Homeless (Cook)
POL 367 Public Policy: Drug Policy (Murphy)
POL 368 Public Policy: Punishment (Taylor/McBride)
POL 392 Race, Civil Rights and American Presidency (Taylor)
POL 393 Boxing & Social Justice (Gonzalez)
SOC 325 Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity (Raeburn/Shin)
SOC 331 Social Stratification (Staff)
SOC 355 Deviance & Social Control (Richman)
SOC 356 Juvenile Justice (Richman)
SOC 390 Policing (Staff)
COMS 322 Advertising Public Relations Law and Ethics (Vannice)
HIST 322 The Holocaust (Staff)
HIST 363 Race & Ethnicity in U.S. History (Fels)
HIST 390 Radical Labor Movements/US History (Harrison)
HIST 421 Native Americans in U.S. History (Fels)
PHIL 370 Philosophy of Action (Cavanaugh)
MEDIA 204 Media, Violence, and Stereotyping (Juluri)
PSYCH 350 Perspectives: Forensic Psychology (Staff)
ECON 465 Law & Economics (Staff)
ANTH 390 Race & Environmental Justice in the Americas (Loperena)
BUS 311 Advanced Business Law (Scalise)
BUS 313 Employment Law for Managers (Boedecker)
BUS 314 Personal Law (Becker)
BUS 319 Entrepreneurial Law (Pierre-Louis)
BUS 482 Hospitality Law & Human Resources (Abrams)
BUS 491 Honors Section: Legal (Scalise)