The Latin American Studies Program brings together various disciplines including History, Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, Theology and Religious Studies, Media Studies, Urban Studies, Performing Arts, Economy, International Studies, Literature and the Arts, as well as competence in Spanish and/or Portuguese. Latin American Studies also features cross-disciplinary programs with Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) and with Chican@ and Latin@ Studies. An integral part of the program includes various study abroad immersions in Latin America and the Caribbean, many of which are specifically designed for LAS by its devoted faculty. 

The faculty is one of the biggest draws of the program. They organize meaningful film festivals, theater, music, and dance performances, conferences by international guest speakers and more. Our vibrant faculty are deeply committed to the intellectual and ethical growth of students. The program also takes advantage of its location in the Bay Area, where the presence of Latin American and Latin@ and Chican@ cultures is vital.

The structure of the major and minor is rigorous and flexible. Students have the choice of completing requirements for the major in a three-year accelerated course of studies.

With a LAS Major or Minor you could:

Pursue graduate work in many disciplines, from International Studies to Global business with an informed emphasis in Latin America.

  • Join local and/or international NGOs focused on issues such as: human rights, micro-financing, environmental rights and migration.
  • Work with city governance on housing rights for disenfranchised migrant communities, or against gentrification and displacement of these communities.
  • Bring a wider understanding of Latin America to your classroom if you become a teacher, to your clients if you become a consultant, to your patients if you are in the health professions or Social Work.
  • Seek employment with government and multilateral agencies dedicated to social, political and economic exchange with Latin America.

Fulfillment of the University's General Education Curriculum completion of the College's Expository Writing and modern language requirements.

Major Requirements for Graduation

The Latin American Studies major requires 40 units of coursework. This includes 20 units of core courses and 20 units of electives. Students are encouraged to complete their second-language requirement by the end of their sophomore year.

Latin American Studies majors are required to study abroad. There are many options available including both long term and short term programs. A complete list of these programs can be found at the Center for Global Education

Minor Requirements for Graduation

The Latin American Studies Minor is designed for students interested in combining an understanding and appreciation of Latin America with another discipline or major. The minor enhances students' professional training as it offers direction and coherence to undergraduate education. The minor requires 20 units. Students must complete three core courses (12 units) and 2 electives (8 units).