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Welcome to Divisadero

“Divisadero” is a Spanish word derived from divisar (to discern). It refers to a place of high elevation from which one can view an extensive area. “Divisadero” is also a street that marked the boundary between the City of San Francisco and The Presidio. According to some sources, the original Spanish name for Lone Mountain was “El Divisadero.”

As a collaborative publication of the Latin American Studies Program, Divisadero shares in its mission to create and strengthen the community of students, faculty, and administrators who share our interests.
By serving as a divisadero , we hope you join us in our efforts to discover the different paths and determine a course of action on pressing and complex issues that impact Latin America and the Latin@ community.

Bicentenarios en America Latina
For hard copies of our past publications please come by KA 334 or email us for a copy.


We focus on the importance of higher education within the Latino community. We share wise words from leader in the Chicano movement, Rene Sanchez, who despite his challenges growing up in the barrio, followed his passions in theology and teaching to pursue a doctorate degree.

The issue also looks into the Dream Act; its history, its current standing and the manner in which it could contribute to the future of Latin@ students.