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Student Research

A key component of the Master's degree in International and Development Economics at USF is the overseas field-study internship. The internship is undertaken by all domestic students during the summer semester. In most cases, research collected during the field study will be applied toward the research project undertaken in the following fall semester.

Some of USF's overseas partner institutions include:

Students set up a field-research project by working with a USF faculty member in conjunction with a faculty member from the overseas partner institution that the student chooses.

*Pass with Honors

Spring 2014 Master's Theses

Nilza Arune Abdurramane FDI and Economic Growth: How is Sectoral FDI Affecting Firms’ Performance in Mozambique
Eric Adebayo Land As Power, An Analysis of Female Land Inheritance and Intrahousehold Bargaining in Rwanda
Odbayar Batmunkh* Heterogeneous Effects of Commodity Price Shocks on Inflation Rates. Evidence from a Panel Study. (Chile)
Heather Belfor mpact of Natural Disaster Exposure on Prosocial Preferences and Public Goods Provision Evidence from the Solomon Islands
Thomas Dreesen* Early life Rainfall and Later Life Human Capital Outcomes in Bangladesh
Laura Frederick mpact of Mobile Money Usage on Microenterprise Evidence from Zambia
Nicholas Garcia Matrilineal Asset Inheritance, Female Bargaining Power, and Household Welfare in Malawi
Justin Grider* The Economic Impact of Wheelchairs for the Disabled in Ethiopia
Pierre Kolowe Determinants of Urban land and Property Values The Case of Rwanda
Sarah Morrow Typhoons and Lower Birth Weights in The Philippines
Tom Sackman Can Community Water Projects Combat Child Diarrhea Results from the Solomon Islands
Erin Steffen Women’s Empowerment and Community-Driven Development Evidence from the Solomon Islands
Tobias Sytsma* Handling Risk Testosterone and Risk Preference Evidence from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Emily Wetherley Typhoons and Temperature Impact Crime Rates Evidence from the Philippines
Yue Zhou FDI and Technical Efficiency in Manufacturing Firms; A Stochastic Frontier Approach ( Five African Countries)
Kate Zitelli Impacts of Typhoons on Children’s Human Capital Investments in Filipino Households

Spring 2013 Master's Theses

Dunia Aburish* Risk, Religion, and Islamic Microfinance (Jordan)
Ngan Bui Different Uses of Microfinance Among Islamic and Conventional Borrowers Evidence from Jordan
Teddi Auker The Effects of Child Sponsorship on Younger Sibling Confidence (Indonesia)
Flor Calvo Effects of Shoe Donations on Children’s Time Allocation TOMS Shoes in El Salvador
Mario Javier Carrillo Does Child Sponsorship have a Positive Impact on the Quality of Life and Social Behavior of Sponsored Children Evidence
Baizhu Chen Are There Rational Speculative Bubbles in Chinese Stock Markets
Stephanie Chou Does Competitiveness Transmit From Parent to Child Experimental Evidence from China
John Dellipriscoli* Can Neoclassical Trade Theory Explain Congressional Voting (USA)
Yilin Gao How Do Gender Salient Prizes Affect Girls’ Competitiveness An Experimental Study in China
Jennifer Graham The FII Model as an Investment in Patience Exploring Time Preferences in Medellin, Colombia
Zachary Intemann Migration and Children’s Schooling and Labor Evidence from El Salvador
Maria Paulina Aguinaga Lezcano Do Self Help Groups Work on Achieving Economic Goals? New Evidence From Field Experiment in Medellin, Columbia
Carmen Ly Does Microfinance Reach Out to the Poorest of the Poor Evidence from Jordan
Lauren Pugh Cash-in-Hand, Wives-in-Power An Exploratory Analysis of Microfinance in Jordan
Nicole Shevloff Are Donation Programs “Bad Aid” The Impact of Shoe Donations on Local Demand, with Experimental Evidence from Rural El Salvador
Lauren Skora* Incentives to Improve Economic Conditions A Field Experiment in Medellín, Colombia
Nike Start Why Risk It The Effect of Risk and Time Preferences on Microfinance Loan Default (Jordan)
Feven Wordofa* Gender Differences in Competitive Inclinations Evidence from Artefactual Field Experiments in China

Spring 2012 Master's Theses

Bem Andzenge Governance, Trust and Economic Exchange: Experimental Evidence from Italy
James Boyle Ethnic Composition and Support for Income Redistribution in Kosovo
Goldie Chow The Role of Family Ties in Mitigating Moral Hazard Firm-Level Evidence from Tamil Nadu, India
Ashley Dernback Willingness to Pay for Improved Power Reliability: Evidence from the Machine Parts Sector in Coimbatore, India
Sire Diedhiou Do Type of Agricultural Technology and Mode of Adoption Determine Household Decision to Adopt Technology? Evidence from Bangladesh
Harold Alvarez Fernandez Risk Aversion and the Adoption of New Technology: evidence from Southern Bolivia
Zeinab Golmohammadian The Economy of Iranian Households Before and After Removing Energy Subsidies (Iran)
Ruben Grangaard Motivations and Outcomes of Entrepreneurial Activity: Analysis of South India’s Manufacturing Sector
Cong Huang* The Impact of Local Environmental Quality on International Tourism Demand: The Case of China
Jennifer Jung The Effects of Animal Donation on Rural Women’s Time Allocation: An Impact Evaluation in Guatemala
Kyle Martin Effects of Conflict on Trust among the Young: Experimental Evidence from Kosovo
Joy Mayaki With Good Governance will they come? Effect of Foreign aid on Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Africa
Daniel McKay* Does the Mafia Suppress Entrepreneurship in Italy?
Nitikarn Montripisut International Tourism and Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand
Timothy Ong The Impact of Livestock Ownership on Child Labour: An Investigation in Rural Rwanda
Svetlana Pimkina* Livestock Donation and Child Health: Evidence from Heifer International, Rwanda
Thanida Pornprayuth Effects of Outward Migration on FDI Inflows: Evidence from Thailand
Rosemary Rawlins An Impact Study of the Heifer Project: Effects of Dairy Cow and Meat Goat Donation on Household Nutrition in Rural Rwanda
Carolina Better Romero* Does owning a family business affect firm performance? Evidence from manufacturing enterprises in India
Ruby Viramontes     The Effect of Heifer International Donations on a Child’s  Education Attainment in Guatemala
Nicholas Weiss Complementing Trust Measures: Surveys,  Games, and the Case of Kosovo
Travis Wiggans The Effect of Contract Enforcement on Market  Efficiency: An Experimental Perspective (Kosovo)

Spring 2011 Master's Theses

Nathan Cutler Social Networks as Substitutes for Micro-health Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Cambodia
Gregory Donheiser The Impact of Risk Preferences on the Purchase of Health Insurance: Evidence from Cambodia
Alexandra Ghosh Civil Conflict and Female Bargaining Power: Evidence from Tajikistan
Kate Heryford Who Borrows? Entrepreneurial Propensity and Microfinance in Rwanda
Frank Hoffman Networks and Insurance: Results from an Artefactual Field Experiment in Cambodia
Marko Koosel* Civil War Violence: Economic Ruin or Opportunity? (Tajikistan)
Patrick Madigan Framing, Loss Aversion, The Endowment Effect, and The Status Quo Bias as Facilitators of Health Insurance Uptake: Experimental Evidence from Cambodia
Juliana Matson* The Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Ethiopia: A Ricardian Analysis
Evan Neubacher The Effect of Microfinance on Household Welfare while Controlling for Entrepreneurial Propensity: Evidence from Rwanda
Ram Rajbanshi Microcredit and Household Welfare in Rural Nepal
Herman E. Ramirez* Quantifying the Impacts of Child Sponsorship Using the Life Satisfaction Approach – Evidence from Bolivia
Phillip H. Ross* An Investigation of Reference Point Shifts in a Child Sponsorship Program
Lexi Russell* Conflict and Civil Action in Tajikistan
Priyanka Talwar Community Water-Source Maintenance Contribution by Local Users: The Role of Prosocial Behavior and Warfare (Sierra Leone)
Kittiyaratch Thanakornmonkkonchai Foreign Direct Investment and Growth: the Role of Institutional Quality
Raj Thiagaraj Infrastructure as a Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment: An Industry Specific Analysis (Vietnam)
Timothy D. Van Vugt Microfinance in Rwanda: An Event Study of Fundamental Household Events
Kenneth Skyler Wilson* Foreign Direct Investment and Economics Growth: Does Financial Structure Matter? (Vietnam)

Spring 2010 Master's Theses

Benjamin Bottorff The Impact of Formal Schooling on Migration and Employment Outcomes: Evidence from Rural Guatemala
Elizabeth Geoffroy Opportunity Costs of Schooling in Malawi
Jonathan Kastelic* Impact of HIV testing on risk perceptions and risky sexual behaviors among seronegative youth and young adults in Malawi’s Salima district
Sameh Habib* Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer: The Role of Skill Level
Bassel Zinaty Risk Aversion in Post-Tsunami Thailand
Kevin Keefe Bolsa Familia & Child Labor: Impact Evaluation Using Prosperity Score Matching (Brazil)
Carl von Kessler Personal Determinants of Trust Reciprocity and Risk Preferences after a Natural Disaster: Experimental Evidence from Thailand
Guy Innes Human Capital vs. Social Capital – Influences on Egg Productivity in Southern Ethiopia
Joshua Holtrust Estimating and Identifying Determinants of Individual Discount Rates: A Field Experiment in Post-Tsunami Thailand
Maria Veraloza Ex-ante Moral Hazard in Microcredit Loan Default An Artefactual Field Experiment in Bolivia
Arturo Trejo* Joint-liability Lending and Asymmetric Information Problems: An Experimental Case Study from Bolivia
Yada Saraneeyatham The Determinants of Indian FDI in Thailand

Spring 2009 Master's Theses

Jane Oshiomhole Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Inflow on Internal Migration in China: Complements or Substitutes
Brian Duford The Growth Effects of FDI in Kazakhstan: Do Perceptions Match Reality?
Mariama Yakubu The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Internal Migration: The Case of India
Gonzalo de los Rios The Effects of Money Stock on Inflation and Spending: A Field Experiment Approach

Felipe Dizon

Rural Out-Migration and Farm Asset Accumulation: The Case of Guatemala Guatemala

Malinda Perez

Health Education Seminars and their impact on Knowledge and demand for small health investments: The case of rural Guatemala Guatemala
Joanna Chu* Child Sponsorship: An Evaluation of Long-Term Economic and Educational Outcomes(Uganda)
Laine Rutledge Impacts of Child Sponsorship on Health and Leadership Outcomes in the Long-Term: Evidence from Rural Uganda
Sabrina Bellotti The Impact of a Child Sponsorship Program on Trust and Trustworthiness (Uganda)
Joshua Weinberg Military Aid and Economic Growth: Identifying Transmission Mechanisms in Sub-Saharan Africa

Michaelin Melton

Loan Participation and Childhood Investments: A Case Study from Chennai India

Yayoi Watanabe

Measuring Microfinance Impact on Business Income and Household Expenditures: Chennai India

Shuofei Yang

The Impact of Microfinance on Health Outcomes: A Case Study in India India

Jessica Varney

Risk Management Solutions: Analyzing the Demand for Agricultural Insurance in Rural Peru
Sarah Walker Health Investments under Uncertainity: A Ugandan Case Study


Effect of Varied Credit Sources on Household Chore Contribution in Chennai India


A Randomized Health Education Intervention and Subjects' Propensity to Learn: Evidence from Busia, Uganda Uganda

Jennifer Murphy*

Malaria Bed Net Investments in Uganda: The Role Perceptions and Risk Uganda