G Chemistry

Course Descriptions

CHEM 686 - Graduate Special Topics (4)

Topics not covered by other graduate level Chemistry curriculum offerings. Three hours lecture. Offered intermittently.

Recent Special Topics:

  • Materials Chemistry (2)
    This is a special topics chemistry course focused on materials. It is designed to give a suitable breath and depth of inorganic, organic, and nano-based materials. It will cover  solid state chemistry, metals, semiconductors, polymeric materials, and nanomaterials. Some characterization techniques will be introduced as well.
  • Applied Spectroscopy (3)
    The theory and application of spectroscopic methods on organic and inorganic compounds. Absorption/fluorescence, NMR 1D/2D, and mass spectroscopies (GC-MS, LC-MS) with an emphasis on structure elucidation and other practical applications.
  • Chemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (4)
    The objective of the course is to give students an overview of the principles underlying chemical methods for the conversion and storage of solar energy. Topics include: The Carbon Cycle, alternative energy solutions, light harvesting and photoredox processes including photobiomimetic systems, artificial systems for water splitting and oxygen evolution, approaches to photochemical CO2 reduction, dye–sensitized solar cells, synthesis and applications of metal oxides as photocatalysts, and commercial exploitation opportunities.

CHEM - 697. Directed Study (1-3)
Study of selected topics, under the guidance of a member of the faculty. Written permission of instructor and dean required. Offered every semester.

CHEM - 698. Graduate Research Methods (1-6)
Study and hands-on instruction in current analytical, biochemical, physical and synthetic methods. Students will also engage in professional chemical literature searching, research documentation, and presentation. Offered every semester.

CHEM - 699. Thesis Writing (1-6)
Composition of Master's thesis based on original research work completed under the supervision of a student's faculty research advisor.