Gender and Sexualities Studies

Gender and Sexualities Studies offers a global, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender and sexualities. The courses in the Gender and Sexualities minor consistently reflect USF's commitment to social justice and the diverse communities, local and global, that shape our understanding of the world, our lives, our knowledge, our labor, and our arts.

The wide variety of courses included in the minor's requirements and electives enable students to analyze gender and sexualities in diverse historical eras, geographical regions, political and legal systems, and racial identities.

The Gender and Sexualities Studies minor has two important sets of goals. Conceptually, it aims to develop analytical skills, which enable students to observe the ways diverse approaches to gender and sexualities are contested and even self-contested; to build a knowledge base regarding the intersections of race, class, gender, nation, age, and sexuality; and to hone critical competence in order to identify ways that theories of identity have been destabilized by theories of difference. Pragmatically, the minor aims to train students for graduate work in areas such as social work, health sciences, the arts, law, and management; to position students for jobs that require a background in Gender and Sexualities Studies; and to prepare students for informed political action.

The minor consists of five courses for a total of 20 units, two of which are required foundational courses (1 Feminist Thought course and 1 Sexualities course); two are met through the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences distribution requirement; and 1 elective course. No more than 2 courses in the student's major may count toward the minor.

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