Speaking of Politics

David Holler

COMS 195
Core A2

Course Description:

This seminar, which satisfies the Core A1 Public Speaking requirement, will take full advantage of this fall's elections—particularly the presidential election. We will analyze and present primarily political arguments, engage in civic-minded debate, and present policy solutions. Using a combination of low-stakes speeches, informative speeches on political controversies, structured debates, and student-led panel discussions, this class will explore contemporary issues while improving students' oral communication skills.

Faculty Bio:

David Holler, now teaching in his tenth year at the University of San Francisco, became politically obsessed during the fall 2000 elections. He has taught several seminars in Rhetoric and Politics since 2009. A former music critic, Holler also co-founded Parthenon West Review in 2004. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife and two underslept sons.