Environmental Studies Curriculum

Solving the environmental problems facing contemporary societies requires the sustained efforts of creative, dedicated professionals who can integrate and apply knowledge from across academic disciplines to restore and protect the environment. The interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program prepares students to become such professionals by recognizing the relationship between human behavior and nature and by responding to the Jesuit call to promote environmental justice and ethical stewardship of the natural world.

Composed of a rich mixture of courses from the Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences, the Environmental Studies curriculum motivates students to learn through instruction in the classroom, in the laboratory, in the field and through a diversity of service learning opportunities. The interdisciplinary and comparative nature of the Program encourages openness to novel ideas and flexibility in examining new approaches to problem solving, prepares students to analyze complex environmental issues from both local and global perspectives, and provides them with the skills necessary to help shape our environmental future.

The Environmental Studies Program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities. Depending on their choice of emphasis --social sciences, natural sciences or humanities--students will be prepared for careers in some of the following fields: environmental and public policy, environmental advocacy, urban and rural planning, public works administration, corporate environmental affairs, environmental conflict resolution, environmental education, environmental consulting, and environmental impact assessment.

Degree Requirements
ENVA 109 Environment and Society (4)
ENVS 110 Introduction to Environmental Science w/Lab (4)
ENVS 210 Ecology and Human Impacts w/Lab (4)
ENVS 212 Air and Water w/Lab (4)
ENVA 255 Quantitative Skills for Environmental Studies (4)
ENVA 290 Nature Immersion + Campus and Community Projects (2)
ENVA 310 The Commons: Land, Air and Water (4)
ENVA 311 Cornerstone Seminar in Environmental Studies(4)
ENVA 355 Methods and Approaches for Environmental Studies (4)
ENVA 367 Environmental Justice (4)
ENVA 450 Capstone Practicum in Environmental Studies (4)

PATHWAY COURSES (4 courses / 16 units)
Students must complete 16 units total. A 16 unit "Pathway" draws from the electives and/or other approved courses and is defined by students in the Cornerstone Seminar.

Courses and Descriptions

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