Exam Preparation Courses & References

When to take the CBEST:

(Single Subject candidates only)

By the end of Sophomore year

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When to take the CSET Writing Skills:

(Multiple Subjects candidates only)

After completing the A2 (Rhetoric & Composition) Core Requirement


When to take the Multiple Subjects CSETs:

CSET I (History and Language Arts):

 After completing the A2 (Rhetoric & Composition) and C2 (History) Core classes

CSET II (Math and Science):

 After completing the B1 (Math) and B2 (Lab Science) Core classes

CSET III (Art, PE, and Human Development):

 After completing the F (Arts) Core class, and Child Development, if applicable.


When to take the Single Subject CSETs:

Look at each subtest in your subject area on the CSET website. http://www.cset.nesinc.com/

History (Social Science I, II, III)

English (English I, II, III, IV)

Math (Math I, II, III)

Sciences (Gen Science I, II, and either Chem III, Physics III, Bio III or Earth III)

Plan to take each subtest after you have taken the courses in your major that cover the applicable subject matter.

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Reference Materials/Prep Books

Available for check-out at the SOE Curriculum Resource Center, across from Club Ed, 422-2292. It is recommended that you purchase one CSET prep book from Amazon.com or other bookstore, and borrow additional books to get the most comprehensive review of the material.