The minor may be earned by students in any USF major. Students must complete five (5) courses (20 credits---which may be double-counted for major, minor and core requirements), including two core courses, one field placement course, and two elective courses (including one politics elective and one sociology elective, or one substitute course for either the politics or sociology elective).

Summer/Fall 2015 Course Listings (CLICK LINK)




Core Courses
Students must take both of the following courses:
POL 322 Politics of American Justice (Elias/Weiner)
SOC 357 Criminology (Richman)

Field Placement
Students must choose at least one law or justice-related placement in either a government agency (Politics 396) or in some non-governmental organization (Politics 397 or Sociology 395).
POL 396 Public Administration Internship (Johnson), or
POL 397 Fieldwork in Public Interest Organizations (Elias), or
SOC 395 Fieldwork in Sociology (Gamson/Gascón)
SOC 450 Senior Capstone in Sociology

Students must choose two electives, comprised of one course from politics electives and one course from sociology electives:

One Politics Elective Chosen From:
POL 330 Crime, Law & the Constitution
POL 335 Political Power & Constitutional Law (Elias)
POL 336 Race, Equality & the Law (Taylor)
POL 367 Public Policy: Drugs
POL 368 Public Policy: Punishment (Taylor/McBride)

One Sociology Elective Chosen From:
SOC 227 Violence in Society (Staff)
SOC 354 Sociology of Law (Santos/Richman/Gascón)
SOC 355 Deviance & Social Control (Richman)
SOC 356 Juvenile Justice (Gascón)
SOC 358 Urban Policing (Gascón)

As a substitute for EITHER the politics elective OR sociology elective, students may take ONE of the following courses:
MEDIA 204 Media, Stereotyping, and Violence (Juluri)
PSYCH 350 Perspectives: Forensic Psychology (Staff)