While primarily an academic program, the CJS minor supports various on-campus and off-campus groups, including the Undergraduate Law Society (ULS) and Phi Alpha Delta (PAD).

Our speakers series has featured talks by Center for Constitutional Rights President David Cole; maverick lawyer Gerry Spence; former San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan; California Supreme Court Justice and USF alumnus Ming Chin; consumer advocate Ralph Nader; Justice Fellowship President, Pat Nolan; various law school deans; and many others. We have a growing relationship with USF’s School of Law (and its projects on human rights, juvenile justice and the death penalty). We have a small library of law and graduate school materials, and our faculty advise students on the legal profession, on criminal justice careers, and on legal and graduate (such as Criminology and Criminal Justice program) admissions. Our recent graduates have gone on to law and graduate schools at universities such as Georgetown, Harvard, Tulane, Washington, Columbia, NYU, Yale, American, USC, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Hastings, and UC Davis.

Under our 4 + 3 Law Program, USF students (in any major) will have the opportunity to gain automatic admission to USF’s School of Law if they have a minimum 3.2 GPA, a minimum 70th percentile LSAT score, and complete either the Criminal Justice Studies or the Legal Studies minor.