The Program

What do graduates learn?

Collegiate Athletics+ can help you launch or advance your career in the booming world of college sports.

Students in the program will learn how to:

  • Evaluate how well an athletic program and/or institution is positioned for success in the modern era.
  • Create a high-level, strategic plan for a successful, ethical modern college athletics program.
  • Demonstrate the relevant business and management skills that are most valuable to the modern college athletic program.
  • Execute best practice strategies that enhance both the internal and external operations of the modern college athletic department.
  • Build a personal career management portfolio that will add value to the modern college athletics program.
  • Develop a national network of people, agencies, vendors and media companies associated with college athletics.

How is the Master in Collegiate Athletics structured?

  • The program consists of 34 units spread out over six semesters (24 months). All twelve courses are online.
  • Two courses (3 units each) are taken each fall and spring semester.
  • Over the summer one course (3 units) is taken in addition to a professional development and career management course (2 units).  
  • Each course lasts eight weeks. Professional development courses are four weeks.
  • Asynchronous program allows flexibility.
  • Students enter the program in both the fall and spring semesters.

WASC Approved

USF is not currently accepting applications from online students who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Note, however, that residents in these states may apply for enrollment in any USF courses or programs offered at any campus location.