Chican@ Latin@ Studies

The interdisciplinary field of Chican@-Latin@ Studies prepares students for informed political action and justice work with, and within Chican@ and Latin@ communities.

The Minor is based on the recognition of the country's growing Latin@ communities and their historical role in the fight for decolonization, re-definitions of nationhood and citizenship, as well as their broader struggles and interconnections across the Americas.

  • The Minor introduces students to major theories and perspectives on the cultural, socio-economic, and political issues affecting Chican@ and Latin@ populations in the United States. Through the program, students come to understand how structures of race, class, gender, sexuality and ideology condition inequality and social conflict.
  • The Minor is based on the perspectives and historical experiences of Chican@s and Latin@s as a framework for critical analysis and production of knowledge.
  • The Minor aims to train students for professional and graduate work in areas such as social work, education, business, health sciences, the arts and humanities, law, and management.

2015 Chican@-Latin@ Studies Paper Prize Winners

The honorable mentions this year go to:

Hannah Bendiksen for her paper,  A Tribute to the Flame of Social Justice 
Nicole Maxwell for her paper, Un Mundo Invisible

This year's winner is Sonia Hurtado Ureno for her paper, Social Media and Transnationalism. 

Chican@-Latin@ Studies Paper Prize